Committees 2016-2017


 Awards Committee

Chair:          Jennifer Rubin

Members:    Lisa Hostetler, Martha McConnell, Teri Callen, 

                     Derek Gillis, Sarah Sigwart

Purpose: To select a recipient for the J. Lee McDonald Awards and/or any other

awards as may be necessary.


 By-Laws Committee

            Chair:     Jordan Stallings

            Member: Derek Gillis


                   Purpose: Review, revise or amend any articles or provisions of the By-Laws

                   to be submitted to the Membership for a vote.



 Communications Committee

            Chair:           Heather Hershon

             Members:     Pillaure Cleary, Pam Brewer, Rhonda Amick



                     Purpose: Planning and presenting the spring convention of the Association in 

                     conjunction with the Education Committee; selecting the site of the next



 Convention Committee

            Chair:           Sarah Fuentes

            Members:    Celeste Rogers, Ivey Hart, Claire Manning, Kimberly 

                                 Thompson, Kristen Nichols Cooper, Rhonda Amick


                    Purpose: Planning and presenting the spring convention of the Association

                    in conjunction with the Education Committee; selecting the site of the next



 Education Committee

            Chair:           Rose Braddock

            Members:    Sarah Fuentes, Ivey Hart, Claire Manning, Teri Callen


                     Purpose: Planning and presenting educational programs at the convention and

                     fall seminars; booking an adequate place for the fall seminar.  


 Election Committee

            Chair:           Jennifer Rubin

            Members:    Lisa Hostetler, Jenny Isgett, Brian Bonner,

                                 Martha McConnell


                    Purpose: Submit in writing to the membership of the Association a request for

                    suggestions of persons to be considered by the committee for nomination of

                    each office; prepare a report and ballots of nominees; present its report and

                    ballots at the business meeting of the Association held at the convention.


 Legislative Action/Government Liaison Committee

            Chair:          Martha McConnell 

            Members:    Jennifer Rubin, David Ziegler, Erica Lybrand, John Langford



                     Purpose: This committee is charged with the responsibility of monitoring state

                      and federal legislation which affects the land title industry.  The committee

                     shall  recommend to the Board positions and actions the Association should

                     take in regard to all federal and state legislation and government agencies

                     affecting the land title industry.



 Membership/Public Relations Committee

            Chair:           Kimberly Thompson

            Members:    Sarah Fuentes, Teri Callen, David Ziegler 


                     Purpose: Soliciting new members, maintenance of existing membership

                     and membership directory.


 PALPAC Committee

            Chair:           Jennifer Rubin

            Members:    Jay Moseley, Jordan Stallings, Marybeth Meyers,

                             Martha McConnell, Rhonda Seymore



                     Purpose: Raise funds to support the election of candidates to state-wide

                      office who have indicated an understanding of the needs and problems

                      confronting the title insurance industry and to support or oppose pending

                      legislation affecting the title industry.



 Scholarship Committee

            Chair:           Derek Gillis

            Members:    Teri Callen, Ellie Floyd 


                    Purpose: Review all the applications and make a decision as to the recipient of

                     the scholarship; negotiation and administration of any agreements concerning 

                     scholarships between the Association and an instituion of higher learning.