The J. Lee McDonald Award is awarded by the Board of Directors to a person who has made outstanding contributions to the Palmetto Land Title Association. Its intent is to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the association. The award is named in memory of J. Lee McDonald of Pioneer National Title Insurance Co. (TICOR) who died in 1980.



 2015 Martha McConnell

2014 Teri K Stomski

 2013 M. Derek Gillis

2012 Kim Burkett

 2011 Clinton J. Yarborough

2010 Cynthia D. Blair

 2009 Graydon V. Olive, III

2008 Cynthia Hall Ouzts

2006 Nancy H. Booco

2007 Christie Funchess

2005 Tracy Huddleston

2004 W. Ivey Hart

2003 Roddy M. Jordan

2002 Kathleen Klopcic

2001 Greg Scanio

2000 Claire T. Manning

1999 Marybeth Meyers

1998 Richard M. Unger

1997 Mary G. Webster

1996 Stephen A. Spitz

1995 Patricia Quattlebaum

1994 Joby C. Castine

1993 Susan F. Davis

1992 Peggy A. Powell

1991 David E. Mellichamp

1990 Anne D. Mixson 

1989 Mark L. Hershberger

1988 Oliver I. Crawford

1987 P. King Holmes

1986 Ginger Gross


1984 Linda Wilson

1983 Anne D. Mixson

1982 Annette Howard

1981 Laura M. Hulst

1980 Georgianna Coates